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Like many, we had to pivot how our business and team operated to overcome the global pandemic’s challenges. Microsoft Teams played a considerable role in our business surviving, both from an internal comms perspective and shifting our technology focus to help other brands successfully unify their communications.

We learnt first-hand from our own Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, by analysing how our staff use Teams and by working with end-users and technology manufacturers how to fine tune our Teams Rooms expertise. We’ve now designed and installed over 3000 Teams Rooms since the move to hybrid working became the new normal.

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Jabra – Meet Anywhere

As remote and hybrid working models become more ubiquitous, we’re spending more time on video. Therefore, it’s become critical to use devices that elevate our communication and boost our wellbeing whilst your business remains professional on the move. 

Laptops with a built-in camera, speaker and a standard microphone are commonly provided. But this doesn’t guarantee superb video conferencing, especially on the road and for multiple team members all joining the call together. Unpredictable lighting is enemy number one, with poor or insufficient luminescence often a challenge. 

External cameras with built-in intelligence are designed to address this issue. These adjust the lighting of outgoing camera streams to ensure all in room participants are always seen in the best light in spaces where a laptop camera might fail. 

Audio is another important factor. Background noise is uncontrollable in public spaces making it difficult to hear your callers, and for them to hear you.

Devices being used away from home and pre-configured office spaces need to deliver clear audio to lower fatigue. Whether that’s professional headphones or a table microphone, having a dedicated device will ensure your teams are always clearly heard and that background noise is cancelled.

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Another trend of the hybrid era that we’re experiencing is spaces becoming meeting rooms at a moment’s notice. These areas don’t necessarily need permanently installed kit, so the Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere Bundles are ideal for equipping the people and not the room. 

We’re seeing a rise in popularity of this approach in serviced buildings. The bundles are a great solution, taking the benefits of the PanaCast camera and adding audio and professional presentation accessories to deliver a plug and play solution, or a meeting room in a convenient carry case! 

Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere & Anywhere+ Bundles

If you are looking for a professional solution that will integrate with your Microsoft Teams ecosystem, the newly released Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere and Anywhere+ bundles, consist of: 

Jabra PanaCast

The incredible PanaCast camera is the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution. This compact device is feature rich, including a 13-megapixels camera, auto light correcting and backdrop features. 

For those travelling with colleagues, the PanaCast’s field of view is also ideal for more than one person to safely gather round and be seen through the intelligent features.

Jabra Speak 750  

Delivering premium audio, this plug-and-play portable speakerphone facilities instant collaboration and transmits both sides of the conversation simultaneously, allowing for natural conversations to be held.

The Microsoft Teams variant has a dedicated Teams button located next to an LED light. Simply tap the button to join meetings, maintaining the familiarity of one touch join, and the LED flashes to indicate notifications including upcoming calls, missed calls and voicemails.

Jabra PanaCast Table Stand*

This freestanding and elegant unit is designed to hold your PanaCast camera in any environment. It is lightweight, compact and comes complete with a dedicated travel case.  

* with the Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere+ bundle only

USB-C and USB A-C Cable

Pop it in the travel case and you’ll never be without this crucial bit of kit again!

Premium carry case

A stylish and durable zip case keeps all your tech sorted and secure, for convenient transport and fast meeting set-up anytime, anywhere

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