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Adoption of Microsoft Teams has grown massively over the past two years and today it is one of the most prolific platforms for collaboration and digital workflow management. Since employees are now embracing the hybrid work environment, businesses must enable more workspaces for digital team collaboration.

When researching collaboration room solutions, you’ll notice that some devices are ‘certified’ for use with specific platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What is the Microsoft Teams Device Certification Process and why is it important?

The Microsoft Teams Device Certification program focuses on ensuring that certified devices deliver a consistent and optimised end user experience across the entire Teams experience (audio, video, user interface). Rigorous testing of devices is completed by an interdependent lab to ensure all certified products run an Android version with the required feature set for Teams and Teams admin centre.

For the end-user this certification is integral, as it ensures a consistent, reliable user experience regardless of room type. It also ensures that the manufacturers behind these technologies are aligned with Microsoft’s vision for the future of meetings. 

Microsoft has always been clear about what Microsoft Teams is for them – Connectivity, Empowerment and Possibility. As an app used by more than 270 million people, at work, home and school; Microsoft Teams is so much more than a video conferencing platform. It is a dedicated and personalised ecosystem designed for everyone. 

That’s Neat! 

Manufacturer Neat is pioneering video and audio devices including the Neat Board, Neat Bar and Neat Pad*. These are all certified to natively run Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android. The certification broadens the global market for Neat, giving great flexibility in hybrid work environments as it demonstrates that Neat has a genuine understanding of the users of video conferencing.

It also means that the cutting-edge capabilities of Neat’s hardware and proprietary internal software will now be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms. These features include both Neat Symmetry and Neat Boundary, both of which have been praised for their ability to provide end-users with a more expressive and equitable meeting experience.


Neat Symmetry is Neat’s unique auto framing technology. Symmetry allows people in a Neat room to be shown in their own dynamic video frame. This improves the conference experience for other participants in the meeting by allowing people in the Neat room to be seen more easily.

It bridges the digital divide between the physical and virtual, helping hybrid teams engage on video more naturally. It enables you to enjoy more equitable, inclusive and flexible collaborative meeting experiences while prompting you to get up and move around for greater wellbeing. As a result, you stay more alert, energised, focused and productive. Of course, nothing can replace meeting face-to-face. But Neat Symmetry brings you ever closer to that tangible sense of nearness with others.


Neat Boundary removes potential distractions from other activities outside your meeting space. It allows you to define the reach of the camera’s auto-tracking, so the camera won’t unintentionally detect and follow any peripheral activity. Neat Boundary is a ground-breaking feature when deploying video tech throughout lively open office spaces or rooms with glass facades or walls. 

*Neat Bar and Neat Pad do come as a bundle, however you can use Neat Pad as both a console inside your Teams Rooms or as a scheduling panel outside. 

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