A familiar platform for your collaboration sessions

As accredited providers for leading brands we are authorised to integrate Zoom Rooms. By bringing together the leading certified devices, we can enable your Zoom calls to commence seamlessly in meeting rooms of any size.

Utilising all the tools of a desktop Zoom Call, we will handle the licensing and hardware configuration to ensure you can rapidly and simply join your calls from panels on the desk, interactive displays or through your own device.

Zoom Rooms mean you can use a familiar platform for your collaboration sessions, but at a scale which allows multiple people to join the call remotely and hear everyone clearly.


  • Bringing Zoom into meeting environments
  • Sharing your content and collaborating via external whiteboards and tools
  • Perfect audio and video clarity for 2 to 20 users depending on room size


  • LCD or projection displays
  • Collaboration devices
  • Scaling and accessories to suit your application
  • Surround sound audio
  • Microphones inbuilt into devices or external reinforcement as required