Portable meetings

For more informal meeting environments and to maximise the use of your technology anywhere in your workplace, mobile collaboration solutions are the answer! All-in-one displays with inbuilt audio and microphone systems can be wheeled into place for your meeting.

All the main video conferencing ecosystems have proprietary solutions, including the Microsoft Surface Hub, which operates the Teams environment natively. There are also agnostic solutions which can be configured to collaborate across all platforms as required.


  • Mobile solutions enabling any space in your workplace
  • Locked down or agnostic options available
  • Ability to pick up meetings of up to 20 participants clearly for remote participants
  • Collaboration tools enabled ensure an all-in-one solution for whiteboarding
  • Inbuilt video conferencing technology or options of additional products for specific requirements


  • Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Google
  • Ben, Sony, Smart and Promethean interactive panels
  • Logitech mobile solutions including Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini