Landmark boardroom AV solutions

Boardrooms are pivotal to the operation of many corporations and a central hub  where the most critical business decisions are made and sensitive information is shared. We understand that the space requires a professional and secure AV system that is discreet, but integrates into the business ecosystem.

Combining hardware and software, we’re able to provide intuitive tools to suit your business activities and connect to offices, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world – and all at the touch of a button.

  • Professional and secure presentation facilities
  • High quality video and audio conferencing
  • Complete control of all AV equipment from a single touch panel
  • Collaboration and business tools at your fingertips
  • Integrated with the acoustics and environment of the room
  • Automated environments to suit the time of day and changes in light


  • LCD and LED large format displays
  • Smart displays and whiteboards
  • Interactive collaboration devices
  • Audio conferencing systems
  • Intelligent voice and face recognisable cameras
  • Professional microphones and video capture
  • Room booking systems
  • Control panels
  • Wireless presentation systems