The Cameron Group


The Client

The Cameron Group is an award winning estate agency with offices in both Uxbridge and West Drayton. Established in 1994, the agency has over 20 years experience in residential property sales and marketing and boasts a superb reputation.

Part of this reputation is based on their willingness to move with the times, and the Cameron Group’s sleek and user friendly website bears testimony to this. Moving into new offices provided the agency with an opportunity to make further use of technology that could be incorporated into a modern office design.


The Brief

The new office space was designed to be stylish and contemporary, requiring an equally state-of-the-art way of displaying property listings. Traditionally, estate agencies showcase property listings using window cards and print outs, which are functional but don’t have much of a ‘wow’ factor.

The Cameron Group wanted a solution that would create a great first impression, and truly impress potential landlords and customers – while still providing the relevant information included in a normal property listing display.

The Project Audio Visual Solution

After meeting with the client to discuss their requirements, Project Audio Visual developed a solution that would enhance the office space using a media wall as a focal point.

Liaising with the client as well as office designers, they installed the media wall to showcase various properties for sale, rental and new land opportunities. In addition, the screens can display other content such as promotions, video, Sky TV even the client’s Twitter feed.

Installation was a hassle free process from start to finish, with the media wall and all relevant training being completed in accordance with the client’s deadlines and in time for the office opening.

The Outcome

The agency now has a cutting edge media wall in the centre of their office. The screens provide focus and excitement, and add enormously to the overall design of the office space. The Cameron Group were thrilled with the end result, and will be using Project Audio Visual’s services for future projects as their offices continue to expand.