LED Curve Display installed at Westfield Shopping Centre

We are frequently challenged by our customer’s ideas and demands, and this project really put our capabilities to the test. We were required to install a Dynascan curved LED display around a column within a store at the Westfield Shopping Centre. Because we make all of our fixtures to order, ensuring that we can fulfil any brief, this was not a concern. However, our client had an extremely short timescale, which is where we had to use our initiative to ensure that the deadline was met, whilst maintaining our impeccably high standards.

The Challenge

The required digital signage display was designed by us here at Project Audio Visual, along with Dynascan. Due to the short timescale of the project, all of the components were flown to our warehouse in Shanghai to build the LED column. We then shipped it directly to the site to enable a quick and easy installation, with the display being installed and commissioned within 24 hours of arrival into the UK.

The Solution

Curved LED displays and signage mean that customers get a great view of advertisements and on brand content, wherever they are standing. Curved displays give the appearance of a wider screen, catching the attention of potential customers even in a large space, such as a shopping centre. Through the use of on brand graphics, imagery, and video content, the curved video column provides an effective platform to spread brand awareness.

The Technology

To display our clients own content on the curved LED display, we installed a BrightSign media player. This allows the content to be altered remotely, making it easy for our client to keep up with seasonal branding changes. BrightSign signage offers HD video quality and a solid state platform that you can stream presentations and live TV from, amongst other visual elements.

The LED curved display column is a relatively unique set up in the UK, and since installing the column in Westfield Shopping Centre, we have been festooned with enquiries for similar products. We are proud to be part of the trend setting process within our industry.