Kino-mo Hypervsn Hologram System

Marketing Benefits of using a Hologram system

Whether your organisation is in the retail, leisure, events or any other sector, the benefits of this ground breaking form of digital signage apply to all.


High Impact

Moving 3D video content providing a holographic effect gives this signage the ultimate attention-grabbing power imaginable. It helps to  create more awareness to your brand by grabbing the attention of anyone passing by

Projection Unit

The Hypervsn projection unit is capable of playing up to 5 hours of HD video content which is stored on the hardware. The unit is lightweight at only 2.8kg, using a low 65W power consumption and designed to work 24/7. Content can be uploaded via WiFi and the image size is 56cm per unit with the capability of linking multiple units for a larger image.

Management Platform

The Hypervsn management platform comes with an extensive content media library. It allows for Multi-unit synchronisation and also tools for content creation. You can manage multiple units from one location and upload your content via WiFi while creating and scheduling playlists.

Digital signage plays an important role in a the retail sectors marketing strategy. From attracting the attention of passers-by with the ever creative digital media and content being a source of information for new or existing products and brands. For more information visit our Hypervsn partner page