King’s Walk Shopping Centre


The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a curved video wall to sit on the front of King’s Walk. It would play eye catching and engaging content about the businesses inside the facility to add a bit of personality to visitors’ experiences.


The Client

King’s Walk Shopping Centre in Reading was rapidly losing businesses, suffering from it’s lack of identity compared to the Oracle, located nearby. Mr Strong, the CEO of the Atlantis Group, wanted to turn King’s Walk into the Atlantis Village, a culinary destination with authentic food and restaurants. By providing a range of restaurants that each represent a different ethnicity, Mr Strong hopes to out shine the Oracle’s standard collection of chain establishments. With head chefs coming over from France in one instance, the overall finish is looking to be quite spectacular, procuring businesses that steal the imagination.

Review and Recommendation

The benefits of a curved LED wall are endless, with the curtain making the content on show accessible to a wider audience when situated in a public space. The possibility to show 3D stereo content adds to the whole experience, making it an ideal solution for a shopping centre.

The challenge was to create a wall that fit perfectly around the pillar at the front of the establishment, giving it a seamless finish. We always leave the configuration of curved LED walls completely up to the customer. From the wall size and resolution, to the brightness and the position of the projectors, we ensure each element is customisable to our client’s requirements. The CEO of the soon to be Atlantis Village was meticulous in his planning and requirements, meaning that we had a detailed blueprint to stick to.

This occasionally held us back, with the deadline for the project having to be extended to accommodate the in-depth planning. We were understanding of this and worked hard to complete the project exactly to the customer’s specifications. Here at Project Audio Visual, we always ensure that our customers receive bespoke service, going above and beyond the standard level of customer care. This is the key to our success, and why our customers come back to us time after time for their audio visual needs.

The Project Audio Visual Solution

In order to create the eye catching, stylish outside panel, we used a curved LED video wall. This was a vast piece of equipment, measuring just short of 6 metres tall by almost 5 metres wide. The wall was supplied by Linso LED, which we then fitted around the pillar.

The Lino LED display easily catches the attention of passers by with it’s high resolution screen, making it the perfect communication medium within a shopping centre. The Linso curved LED display was demonstrated to be able to show a full-length catwalk show at this year’s ISE exhibition in Amsterdam. It also has wireless capabilities, meaning that advertising messages can be updated remotely over the internet. Through our extensive contacts within the industry, we put Mr Strong in touch with a fantastic designer who would then create the digital content that will be shown on the pillar. We also installed a BrightSign Digital Signage unit, to help add a modern feel to the area, as well as provide a useful service to customers. This can be used remotely, meaning presentations can be deployed to it from around the world. With this fantastic equipment, you can stream messages, presentations, social and news feeds as well as video and live TV across any screens from table top displays to large display walls.

Positive Outcomes

The aim of the project was to turn the King’s Walk Shopping Centre into the Atlantis Village, a competitor for the nearby Oracle. By creating eye catching displays that showcase the businesses within the centre, the Atlantis Village is already becoming the upmarket establishment Mr Strong was aiming for.

As part of the entire overhaul of the King’s Walk premises, the products that we here at Project Audio Visual have provided have helped create an identity for the establishment. With more and more businesses enquiring about being a part of what will be the Atlantis Village, we are proud to be a part of creating it’s new identity. Our products have given the area points of interest, being informative as well as engaging. As the popularity of the area grows, our installations will become the focal points of the establishment, reflecting the modern and upmarket ethos of the Atlantis Village.


Statistics show that the retail sector will account for approximately 42% of total digital signage display revenue from 2013 to 2017, so the Atlantis Village is setting the standard for other retailers in the surrounding areas. Why not take a look at the LED display and digital signage solutions that could benefit your company?