Building lasting relationships with Mondi

Building lasting relationships with Mondi

As leading international packaging and paper group, Mondi have more that 100 operations spreading across 31 countries and have over 2,600 employees. Our relationship with Mondi first started in 2006 when their owner was Anglo American. They asked us to design and specify a new audio-visual system that was to be installed in the UK headquarters at Aviator Park, Addlestone.


Forging Loyalties

Since then, Mondi demerged from Anglo American in 2007 and have contracted Project Audio Visual Ltd to maintain the audio-visual setup on a yearly maintenance contract.

When the headquarters of the Mondi Europe & International in Vienna underwent a ‘systems refresh’ in 2014 the UK headquarters in Addlestone were also given the go ahead, and Project Audio Visual Ltd were requested back to install a completely new audio visual system. Due to our longstanding relationship, Mondi instructed Project AV to design and specify the upgrade but to also keep certain elements in line with Vienna, for example, swapping the existing Polycom VSX8000 VC systems for Cisco SX80 systems. This is something Project AV did without difficulty and taught every member of staff how to use the new equipment.


As with all previous project with Mondi, Project AV gave a set timescale for how long the project would take and finished within these timescales. The only issue encountered was that there was a slight delay in the availability of the Cisco, which caused the projects start date to be delayed by one week. The project was managed by Don Lambresa (Project AV’s Technical Director) and Carl Bastin (Project AV’s Sales Manager). Don Lambresa was also involved in the original system design and install, which therefore helped greatly with the design and install of the upgrade due to his knowledge of the existing setup. As well as the upgrade in VC System, we also installed a Crestron Digital Media System along with updating the Projector and Screens to HD versions and installing BiAmp Tesira Forte’s for the digital signal processing.


Project AV provided training on the new system and are continuing with the support for Mondi for the next 12 months and hopefully the foreseeable future after that.